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My goal with this blog is to set folks straight about what good nutrition really is! Starting by discarding the info we get every day from 'sponsors' that do not really have our best interests at heart, I want to inspire you to eat better AND realize it is much easier than you thought it would be!

Just about any health issues can be addressed with nutrition (and meditation), from mild to chronic to acute. We truly have the ability to heal ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually...

And you can use your daily routine as your vehicle to drive that change :)

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"When food, in the minds of eaters, is no longer associated with farming and with the land, then the eaters are suffering a kind of cultural amnesia that is misleading and dangerous"
~Wendell Berry

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My recent Interview of Lindsay Coulter - Queen of Green

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Lindsay Coulter, David Suzuki's Queen of Green. She's SO great!  My new favourite person...

(You may recall that she interviewed me just a short time ago. Now the tables have turned - mwah-ha-ha-ha...)

Check it out here

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  1. Oh ya, I can understand how she's your new most favourite person. I like the way she explains that eating organic is so much more than eating delicious food. What we do to ourselves, we do to the planet - is so true.
    Thank you - great information and links. I liked the hair dye information.


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