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My goal with this blog is to set folks straight about what good nutrition really is! Starting by discarding the info we get every day from 'sponsors' that do not really have our best interests at heart, I want to inspire you to eat better AND realize it is much easier than you thought it would be!

Just about any health issues can be addressed with nutrition (and meditation), from mild to chronic to acute. We truly have the ability to heal ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually...

And you can use your daily routine as your vehicle to drive that change :)

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"When food, in the minds of eaters, is no longer associated with farming and with the land, then the eaters are suffering a kind of cultural amnesia that is misleading and dangerous"
~Wendell Berry

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Breathe for Enhanced Digestion and Healing

Here is a sample of a mantra, of sorts, that you can remind yourself of when feeling discouraged or unwell.

I want you to always remember that your body has the innate capacity to be well (every cell is constantly striving to be in balance - it's in its genes), with the right fuel (good whole food) and without the occurrence of prohibitive stress (worry, anxiety, over-thinking). Don't let these things hold back the body's need to repair and heal.

And all you have to do is breeeeaaaatthhhhhhhee.... every day...... and allow this natural process to take place.

So take a few minutes every day to breathe deeply and remind yourself of this, breathe into it while you say it (in your own beautiful and appropriate words), and believe in it.

This is a simple form of meditation anybody can do where you can even bring in visualization ie: like waves rolling, internal cellular healing (no anatomy degree required), whatever; simply a statement that you will make you feel more at ease. It is a way of quieting the mind from senseless chatter, worries, stress and moving it into a more calm, yet gently focused, and peaceful environment where healing takes place.

Have gratitude...

Feel unencumbered from your daily thoughts (let them go, at least temporarily)...

Feel light, without burden...

Breathe deeply in this headspace...

And, finally, be sure to hold onto any good feeling you have during your meditation and store them in your memory for when for you need it. And repeat again the next day. You'll get better and better at it with practice and really appreciate this powerful and freeing ritual.

Your body, mind and spirit will thank you for your renewed health.

The light within me saluted the light within you... Lisa Marie

More food writing to come, stay tuned…(I'm renewing myself on this brief hiatus)

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