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~Wendell Berry

Friday, April 4, 2014

My Encounter with Paul Stamets

Hello friends,
I want to share with you a wonderful day I had recently with fellow-mushrooms-enthusiast friends of mine; attending a talk by Paul Stamets in Vancouver.
It was a 2 hour talk by him, hosted by Banyan Books, about his work with developing various life-saving formulas with medicinal mushrooms, as well as a great deal of work he has done on environmental clean-up techniques using ass't fungi. It was a really inspiring talk. I have not been to something so inspiring in a long time. This is one man who is visibly changing the world for the better.

If you haven't watched it yet, please watch his TED talk video 6 Ways Mushrooms Will Save the World and you'll see many of the examples he described in this talk. Even though i had previously seen several of his videos online and have followed his work for over a decade, I still learned so much from him and his wisdom. I also saw old friends from the supplement industry there; the ones who never settled for the majority poor quality supplements out there. The ones who support whole food-based supplements; those made with integrity. And there were several Bowen 'neighbours' there too. It was a delightful afternoon.

I was very nervously excited to meet him after his talk; this man behind the fungi I had been studying rather fervently for several years now. I even brought my prized, rare Agarikon mushrooms to show him (see him holding it in photo). Lo and behold he had brought his too! Picture it; two mushrooms geeks sporting their trophy's!

The next day, my mushroom pals and I went out for a fungi forage and found quite the bounty of turkey tail (aka coriolus, or trametes versicolour, photo below right) and ganoderma applenatum (aka BC Reishi, photo below left) mushrooms. With them I make healing tea - which, by the way, would help almost any ailment, since it modulates your immune system.

After the talk I phoned my Mom to tell her how great it was and I guess she heard something in my voice and my excitement so she decided we should do his upcoming Workshop at Hollyhock as an early birthday present for me and a Mother-Daughter 'project'. Needless to say, I'm overjoyed and can hardly wait!!!

Thanks for tuning in to my geek speak :)

More practical info on mushrooms coming soon...

Yours in health...
Lisa Marie

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