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My goal with this blog is to set folks straight about what good nutrition really is! Starting by discarding the info we get every day from 'sponsors' that do not really have our best interests at heart, I want to inspire you to eat better AND realize it is much easier than you thought it would be!

Just about any health issues can be addressed with nutrition (and meditation), from mild to chronic to acute. We truly have the ability to heal ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually...

And you can use your daily routine as your vehicle to drive that change :)

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"When food, in the minds of eaters, is no longer associated with farming and with the land, then the eaters are suffering a kind of cultural amnesia that is misleading and dangerous"
~Wendell Berry

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My recent Interview of Lindsay Coulter - Queen of Green

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Lindsay Coulter, David Suzuki's Queen of Green. She's SO great!  My new favourite person...

(You may recall that she interviewed me just a short time ago. Now the tables have turned - mwah-ha-ha-ha...)

Check it out here

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Berry Chocolate Buckwheat Pancakes - oh my!

Today I made something I've never made before. Well, actually something we make often but with a twist!  And the idea was all my son Oskar's. We set out this morning, as we often do, to make our staple buckwheat pancakes (we're a milk and gluten free family) but Oskar had set in his mind to start his day with a glass of chocolate almond milk which I had picked up from Choices Market recently. I explained that that was not a healthy option to start the day with. So, as any 4 year old would do, he figured out a way to convince me.  So, naturally, he suggested that we add it to the pancake mix in lieu of regular almond milk; one of the ingredients in our recipe. I was about to say no when  I realized that it was Valentine's Day and why not treat ourselves to something a bit decadent?  So, off we went with reckless abandon and created a rather yummy breakfast treat. I snapped a shot to share with you. Perhaps you'll enjoy it too...
Hope there's love in your day!

Oskar's Valentine's Berry Chocolate Buckwheat Pancakes (with berries)
You'll need:

 2 cups Buckwheat groats (fresh-ground is way better, taste and nutrient-wise. *Buy whole/raw and use your coffee grinder!)
Approx. 1.5 cups Chocolate Almond milk (or Vanilla Brown rice and/or coconut milk - use just enough to make pancake batter creamy and thin enough to pour but not runny/milky) add more if needed.
2 organic eggs
2 tablespoons. non-alum baking powder
1 tsp vanilla
Pinch of nutmeg
Fresh/frozen organic/seasonal fruit (thinly sliced apples, pears and/or berries work great).

1.) Blend all ingredients, except fruit, well.
2.) Heat skillet to medium and add butter/ghee/virgin coconut oil to coat pan.
3.) Scoop out enough dough for one pancake.
4.) Add fresh/frozen fruit and flip when it bubbles.
5.) Once finished cooking, drizzle with real maple syrup, raw honey or homemade jam or apple sauce and perhaps even a dollop of organic, non-homogenized yogourt….enjoy!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Dailey Method Vancouver

I recently worked on a small project with the gals at The Dailey Method here in Vancouver and really enjoyed it. I am including a link to their Facebook page: (scroll down to Jan. 19, 2012) where they posted the info I supplied them with for their community board at their studio.
Sharing the love of food and the wonders of good health it provides...
In good health, Lisa Marie

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